Spectacular second round of F4 Spain

The mythical Paul Ricard circuit lives one of the most exciting races in Spanish Formula 4.

Bumpy and vibrant in equal parts have been the three races that have been contested on the French circuit.

If we start with the first race (Saturday), where the winner was Filip Ugran (Jenzer Motorsport), the accidents set the pace of the race. As soon as the start took place, on the straight line, Josh Dufek (MP Motorsport) had a problem that prevented him from moving forward, the car was stopped in the middle of the track and his teammate Enzo Joulié (MP Motorsport), who could not see him, crashed into it.

Both cars were on the straight line, blocking the way of the other competitors. So the safety car had enter into the track until the stewards finished picking up the two cars, while the affected drivers, fortunately, left the track by his own feet.

Shortly after the race restarted, a crash between Valdemar Eriksen (Drivex) and Léna Bühler (Drivex) caused Léna’s car to jump through the air, but fortunately the pilot suffered no consequences and was able to leave the circuit by her own foot. Honestly, it was a shame that she couldn’t finish the race because she was doing a great performance up to that point.

As for the podium positions, the winner was Filip Ugran, second place on the podium was taken by competition leader Kas Haverkort (MP Motorsport) who, without leaving the podium, saw his winning streak end. The third place went to the Spanish Mari Boya (MP Motorsport).

On the second day at Paul Ricard we had two races, as it is usual on Sunday’s, in addition to the second Quali where the fastest was Mari Boya.

In the first race of the day Filip Ugran won again with absolute dominance and Mari Boya took a leap forward and took second place. But where the emotion really was was in the fight for third position that gave us a very intense last lap with Fluxá (GRS), Simonazzi (Jenzer Motorsport), Ferati (Jenzer Motorsport) and Dufek (MP Motorsport) fighting until the end where there was moments when the four cars were almost in parallel.

It was Lorenzo Fluxà who went up to the podium ceremony occupying that third place, but shortly after he was sanctioned with 10 seconds for direction of the race, then being 15th and it was Francesco Simonazzi who rose to 3rd position.

Also in this race we had a yellow flag, this time due to a touch, between Suleiman Zanfari (GRS) and Javier Sagrera (MOL Racing), which left the Spanish driver out of the race. And another driver who also failed to finish the race was championship leader Kas Haverkort due to technical problems.

And in the last race the battle for victory was passionate with a leading group made up of four riders and all with possibilities. Boya started first and held this position for a few laps until Ugran and Dufek overtook him. But the leadership did not last long for Dufek, Goethe soon arrived to overtake him and take the victory. Ugran and Boya were left with the 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

We have already left this second round behind and set our sights on the next circuit which will be at Circuito de Jerez Ángel Nieto where we will be able to experience another three races on September 19th and 20th.

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