Sebastian Ogaard sets the pace in first race at Portimao

Campos Racing’s Danish driver takes his first win of the season in the first feature race of the weekend. Dilano Van’t Hoff, who struggled at the start, came from ninth to finish third.

The obvious importance of starts in this championship was evident at the Autódromo Internacional de Portimao. Dilano Van’t Hoff, who led all the sessions held today at the Portuguese track, was caught out at the start and lost up to nine positions in a manoeuvre that completely conditioned his race. The MP Motorsport driver was unable to engage first gear in time and, in just three hundred metres, he saw his chances of victory vanish.

A situation that his main rivals in the championship did not fail to take advantage of. Sebastian Ogaard found a clean track from the first corner and the Danish Campos Racing driver took advantage of the situation to put some distance between himself and Rik Koen, who lost three seconds in just two laps while defending himself from Dani Maciá’s attacks. The Spaniard, in a great manoeuvre, made the gap to teammate Quique Bordas and fellow Campos Racing driver Pepe Martí. Maciá kept attacking MP Motorsport’s Rik Koen at every corner, until he found the gap halfway through the race.

In the middle of the battle to regain positions between Koen and Martí, a touch between the two cars left both drivers out of the race in the escape of the first corner, allowing the Formula of Champions driver, Quique Bordas, to climb to the third step of the podium momentarily.
While Sebastian Ogaard held on to his seven second lead over Dani Maciá, Dilano Van’t Hoff didn’t throw in the towel and kept up the pace in the race to overtake his Espirito Santo teammate and Irish Pinnacle driver Alex Dunne for fourth place. Although the Dutchman seemed to have no chance of getting on the podium, a sudden tyre failure of Quique Bordas gave the championship leader the third place on the podium.

Despite Dilano’s pace, the stopwatch ended up consuming his comeback and his particular climb ended in a more than deserved third position after having fallen to ninth place on the first lap.

At the head of the race, Sebastian Ogaard was able to maintain his seven-second lead over Dani Maciá, winning for the first time in this category.