Campos Racing – A debut in style

The Spanish team, rookie in the category, has scored four wins out of a possible twelve so far.

With Sebastian Ogaard and Pepe Martí at the top of the drivers’ standings and having overtaken Fórmula de Campeones to take second place in the teams’ standings, Campos Racing is the best rookie team this season, ahead of Teo Martin and Pinnacle Motorsport.

The Spanish team couldn’t be more satisfied and Andreu Romera, Team Principal of the team, has positively assessed this debut in the Spanish Formula 4; “when we made the decision to enter the championship it meant a significant investment in human resources, we have tried to follow the methodology that the team has applied in other categories where we have been successful and I think we are on the right track so far. The sensations in these first four races are positive, we have been on the podium, won races and compacted the team”.

Ogaard’s double in Portimao and Martí’s double in Motorland have allowed both riders to place second and fourth in the championship respectively. An important sum of points from which the team has also benefited, recovering the second position in the team championship. Like Ogaard and Martí, their other two drivers in contention for this season, Alejandro García and Oksadev Partyshev, have also made progress in the last two races of the season. The Mexican driver scored his first point while his team-mate achieved his best race position. Regarding the development of his drivers, Andreu Romera has highlighted the involvement of all of them so far this season; “the most important thing is not that they win, but that they grow as drivers. The philosophy of the team is that, to train drivers, we should not take anything away from the victories, but the important thing is that they continue their training. All four work very hard and are very committed to the opportunity they have. Individually their seasons are different. Ogaard last year didn’t have his best year and I think this year with us he is growing by leaps and bounds. Regarding Pepe we are very happy with him. He already had some experience and I think that has helped him, his two victories will give him confidence for the end of the season. We are also happy with Alejandro, he is making very good progress and has already scored points. Partyshev has also made a lot of progress compared to the beginning of the season and I think his evolution is good”.

Immersed in the fight for second place in the drivers’ and teams’ championship, Andreu Romera expects the end of the season to see his drivers continue with the progress they have made so far; “I repeat that the team’s philosophy is the most important thing, that the drivers grow, that they develop. We have Sebastian Ogaard second and Pepe fourth and we are going to fight to maintain those positions, and we would also like to finish second in the team championship. It’s our first year and I think it would be great news for the whole team to achieve these goals”.

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