Teo Martin Motorsport – Adaptation completed

Teo Martin’s Spanish team faces its first season in Spanish Formula 4

The results have not come yet, they have scored 12 points in the first four rounds of the championship, but their progression and adaptation is satisfactory and positive according to Piero Rodarte, Team Principal of the team. Rodarte also highlights the involvement of all the team members in this stage of adaptation to this new category; “the natural process of adaptation of the team to the category has been very positive. The circuits, the car, the championship, everything is new. We knew it was going to be a necessary process to overcome in order to keep moving forward. Today we can focus on the next goal, to achieve results and for the team to achieve good positions in the second half of the championship.

Regarding his three drivers: Oliver Mitch, Filip Jenic and Jorge Campos, Piero Rodarte has highlighted the importance of the two formative phases that his drivers are going through this season. Although he understands that the first phase, in which all the knowledge of karting has to be transferred to the single seater, has already been passed, now he considers that his drivers have to face the second step in their development, to achieve results and for this they have been working; “it is very important that in the first part of the season the drivers understand the transition from karting to the single seater, especially in weight transfer, tyre management and braking style. I think that from the results we have obtained in the official practices we can say that this phase is complete. The second phase, once all this learning is behind us, is to bring it effectively to the races.

With three races still to go before the end of the championship, Piero is optimistic that he and one of his riders can be on the podium in the second half of the championship; “we have to focus on applying everything we have learned so far, once we have done that we will try to achieve good results and fight for podiums, which I think is possible for the team”.

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