Drivex – High expectations

First podium finish at Mortorland, fourth in the team standings.

Despite a poor start to the season, the Drivex team has managed to find the key to scoring points. In the third and fourth races of the championship, they scored 78 points, placing them fourth in the team standings with a total of 95 points.

“We knew that due to the experience of some drivers like Dilano Van’t Hoff or Pepe Martí, who have been racing these cars in other competitions, the start of the season was going to be complicated. Our drivers don’t have so much experience and that has been noticed in the first races, but we are achieving good results and we are getting closer and closer to them”, says Miguel Ángel De Castro, Team Principal of Drivex.

The team has five riders and of them Maksim Arkangelsi and Guilherme Oliveira are standing out, especially since Motorland where the Portuguese Oliveira was on the podium. Tenth and eleventh in the championship respectively, their Team Principal wanted to highlight their progress and that of the rest; “this season we have five drivers, most of them with few kilometres with these cars and in the first races we have noticed the difference. They are drivers who come from national karting and don’t have as much experience as others, but they are showing a good evolution. They are fast in one lap, now we also need to find their race pace”.

With three rounds still to go before the end of the season, Miguel Ángel De Castro hopes to be able to get back on the podium, of which he predicts good results until the end of the season; “we are in a very positive progression. All our drivers have been the fastest in one lap since Portugal. Max and Guilherme have set fast laps and Noah in the last race was the second fastest. Lola had arrived with little experience in this car and she is getting faster and faster. Branden is also progressing along the lines we want and he has been doing well with us in the Euroformula. I hope we can see our drivers on the podium in these last races of the season, it would be a great notice”.

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