The Spanish Formula 4 Championship sets the new participation bases for the 2022 season.

The main novelties will be the limitation of the maximum number of vehicles on the grid, as well as per team. 

With a view to future seasons, the Spanish Formula 4 Championship has established new participation rules. The main feature of these directives will be the implementation of a limit on the number of single-seaters on the grid and per team.

Consequently, the total number of vehicles participating on the grid per event will not exceed twenty-eight entries, setting the limit of seats per team at four. Since 2016, when the first season of the Spanish Formula 4 Championship was held, the number of drivers has increased by more than 300%. Likewise, this past season, two new teams have entered the championship, which is a sign of the progress that the competition has managed to maintain over time. However, in order to ensure the sustainable growth of the championship in the long term and with the aim of safeguarding its quality, as well as prioritizing the fluidity of the competition, has been decided to introduce these changes. 

The registration process for the championship will now be by invitation, for which an application must be submitted, thus ensuring a fair and orderly registration process. In the near future, a document will be made available to interested teams to be submitted to the Organizing Committee within a certain period of time, which will be communicated at the same time as the publication of the new document.

These changes are in addition to the new car already announced, the TATUUS F4 T -021, which has a new chassis and the introduction of the halo as the main innovations for next season. 

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