Emely de Heus MP Motorsport Date of birth: 10 Feb 2003
Country: Netherlands
Number: 7
MP Motorsport Rik Koen Date of birth: 5 May 2004
Country: Netherlands
Number: 9
Date of birth: 12 Apr 2004
Country: Mexico
Number: 12
MP Motorsport Gil Molina
Date of birth: 19 Aug 2005
Country: USA
Number: 13
MP Motorsport Santi Trisini
Date of birth: 26 Jul 2004
Country: The Netherlands
Number: 17
MP Motorsport Dilano van ‘t Hoff
Date of birth: 2 Jul 2004
Country: Denmark
Number: 29
MP Motorsport Georg Kelstrup
bandera-portugal Date of birth: 13 Aug 2003
Country: Portugal
Number: 44
MP Motorsport Manuel Espírito Santo
Date of birth: 11 Jul 2005
Country: Morocco
Number: 52
MP Motorsport Suleiman Zanfari
Date of Birth: 11 Jun 2004
Country: Denmark
Number: 77
MP Motorsport Noah Degnbol

bandera-portugal Guilherme Oliveira DRIVEX Date of birth: 7 Jan 2005
Country: Portugal
Number: 14
DRIVEX Branden Oxley Date of Birth: 23 Apr 2004
Country: UK
Number: 68
Date of birth: 12 Aug 2005
Country: France
Number: 75
DRIVEX Noam Abramzcky
Date of birth: 17 Oct 2005
Country: France
Number: 10
DRIVEX Lola Lovinfosse
Date of birth:18 Feb 2005
Country: Russia
Number: 1
DRIVEX Maksim Arkhangelskiy

Country: Spain
Number: 34
FÓRMULA DE CAMPEONES Daniel Marciá Date of birth: 28 May 2001
Country: Spain
Number: 28

Vladislav Ryabvov GRS RACING Date of birth:
Country: Russia
Number: 26

Santiago Ramos JENZER MOTORSPORT Date of birth: 26 Jan 2004
Country: Mexico
Number: 8
JENZER MOTORSPORT Francesco Braschi Date of birth: 27 Nov 2004
Country: Italy
Number: 6
JENZER MOTORSPORT Date of birth: 29 Dec 2004
Country: Mexico
Dorsal: 5
Jorge Garciarce
Date of birth: 30 Jun 2003
Country: Switzerland
Dorsal: 4

Pepe Martí Campos Racing Date of birth: 13 Jun 2005
Country: Spain
Number: 23
Campos Racing Alex García Date of birth: 17 Jul 2003
Country: Mexico
Number: 24
Campos Racing Date of birth: 30 Jan 2004
Country: Denmark
Number: 25
Sebastian Ogaard
Date of birth: 29 Nov 2005
Country: Ukraine
Number: 27
Campos Racing Oleksandr Partyshev

Alex Dunne Pinnacle Motorsport Date of birth: 11 Nov 2005
Country: Ireland
Number: 11

Filip Jenic Teo Martin Motorsport Date of birth: 30 Dec 2005
Country: Serbia
Number: 19
Teo Martin Motorsport Jorge Campos Date of birth: 11 Aug 2003
Country: Mexico
Number: 18
Teo Martin Motorsport Date of birth: 13 Apr 2005
Country: Hungary
Number: 3
Oliver Michl

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