Haverkort and Boya compete for the leadership

Sunday’s competition and as always, we had two races. The first race of the day was a somewhat bumpy race full of unexpected events. Suleiman Zanfari started on pole, he maintained this first position at the start and even managed to keep distance with his pursuer, Ten Brinke, until he caught up with him and in an attempt to overtake in the last laps they bumped one another. It was at this moment when Valdemar took the opportunity to place himself first and Oliver Goethe after him. In this way the podium was set up: Valdemar Eriksen, Oliver Goethe and Suleiman Zanfari.

And as we said in the headline, both Haverkort and Mari Boya have not been able to score. Apparently it was a touch between themselves when they fought in the leading group. Kas lost a piece of the wing in the incident that took place at Turn 4 and was forced to enter the pit lane to replace it, as was Mari, who also had to enter to change a flat tire and check the wing that also had it damaged.

They also had some unforeseen Javier Sagrera who went out to the gravel and Ivan Nosov who spun, but both were able to return to the race without consequences.

And in the last race of the day the situation was completely reversed. Kas Haverkort, who was on pole, won after setting the best time this morning.
Mari Boya for his part was the constant pursuer of Kas and despite doing a great performance he had to settle for second place.
After Haverkort and Mari Boya it was Dufek who achieved third place in a tough battle with Eloy López and Ten Brinke.

In this last race we also had an incident, in turn 6 there was a touch between Fluxá and Goethe but without consequences, both were able to continue the race, but in the last positions.

The third round of the F4 Spain ends here, but the show will continue next weekend in Valencia.