Kas Haverkort takes another step forward

The Dutch driver dominates the last day in Valencia taking the 2 victories.

Kas Haverkort was the absolute dominator of the first race of the day, the MP Motorsport driver once again proved that he is one step ahead of his rivals. First he set the fastest time in the second qualifying session and then he took the victory.

The first positions of the leading group was the same as in Saturday’s race, with Josh Dufek, Thomas Ten Brinke and Mari Boya respectively qualifying after Kas. And just like yesterday, for his pursuers, it was impossible to keep up with Haverkort’s pace. In this way, both Boya and the other candidate for the championship, Oliver Goethe, who was seventh, are now a bit further behind the leader. With these results, which are being frequent, it is also clear that the MP team is dominating the championship.

We were approximately in the middle of the race when the stewards took out a yellow flag, this time because of a clash between Enzo Joulié (MP Motorsport) and Mehrbod Shameli. The security car was on the track until both cars were removed. The rest of the race went smoothly.

And in the last race on Sunday we had more of the same, Kas won but in this case the podium was completed by Mari Boya (2nd) and Ivan Nosov (3rd), who was on the podium for the first time this season.

It was a race without any notable incidents except at the start of the race where Oliver Goethe’s car was stopped for a few seconds until it managed to get off without affecting the course of the race.

But in a way the “track limits” took an important role this wekend, the drivers did not respect the limits of the track and this meant penalties. Mari Boya lost 2 seconds but this did not affect him in the classification. And just like him, at least a dozen other drivers have been penalized for the same.