Mari Boya achieves the first victory

Mari Boya climbs to the highest step of the F4 podium for the first time. After a complicated training session due to the rain, the Spanish rider managed to win, dominating from first laps to finish.

The first day of racing in Jerez began with free practices, both of them with rain causing several incidents on the track. In the second session, M.Shameli had an accident on the last curve and stewards showed the red flag stopping the training until the track was clean, luckily the driver has not suffered physical consequences.

On the qualifying session, the french driver Enzo Joulié took a step forward and took pole, second place on the grid went to newcomer Thomas ten Brinke and third place for Suleiman Zunfari.

For race 1 the rain went away and the sun came out, a totally different conditions compared to Free Practices. The drivers had to adapt to this meteorologic change and the one who did it better was Mari Boya who led the race from the start, followed by Thomas ten Brinke who has done an impeccable performance in his first participation in F4. And the podium was closed by Dufek after a great comeback from 10th place.

There were also some incidents in the race that left several drivers out. One of them was the leader of the championship, Kas Haverkort who had to leave due to a puncture. The other drivers that could not finish the race were Valdemar Eriksen, Carles Martínez, Léna Bühler and Eloy Sebastián Lopez.

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