Mari Boya wins again in Aragon

The Spanish driver cuts a handful of points to Kas Haverkort who was third.

It has been a spectacular race from beginning to end where Mari Boya (MP Motorsport) has managed to cut more points than yesterday as the leader of the championship, Kas Haverkort (MP Motorsport), was third. The second place was obtained by Thomas Ten Brinke (MP Motorsport), after overcoming several places in a nice battle with the boys of the Formula de Campeones.

For the first time we have been able to see Quique Bordas (Formula de Campeones) and Carles Martinez (Formula de Campeones) battling constantly in the leading positions. Carles even came second at some point during the race but was unable to consolidate the position and finished fifth. After him his teammate crossed the finish line in sixth position.

It was a very intense race for all the drivers. At the beginning, a collision between Eloy Sebastian Lopez and Alejandro Garcia caused a yellow flag and the safety car came out. Luckily, both Global Racing Service drivers were unhurt.

This slowed down the development of the test but did not deprive us of enjoying the show. After the restart, Mari Boya was leading the race and was followed at all times by Kas Haverkort. Just when the Dutchman was trying to overtake his teammate, Carles Martínez appeared, avoiding the overtaking and taking second place, although he later lost it.

While this was happening, Thomas Ten Brinke was gaining positions until he took second place and set up the podium.

After the leading group, there were also several overtaking manoeuvres at the limit, with some exits from the track, but without consequences. And the performance of Lena Bühler who was in the points until she broke the front wing.

It was an exciting race that left us with a tighter championship in points. We will see what happens in the third race that will be decisive to face the championship.
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