Triple victory of Haverkort at the Jarama

Race 1

Race declared wet, although it has not rained during the course of the race, the track was wet from tonight’s rain. But despite the conditions it was a fluid race, without any notable incidents.
Kas (MP Motorsport) managed to open up an advantage from the start, only Josh Dufek (MP Motorsport), who had been coming up from fifth place, had a chance to catch him but without success, he finally had to settle for second place. Both drivers managed to open a wide advantage over the chasing group.

Léna Bühler (Drivex), who started second, endured some laps battling for third place with Paul Adrien Pallot (Drivex) and Mari Boya (MP Motorsport). It was the Boya who crossed the finish line in third when the chequered flag fell. The Swiss driver finished sixteenth and Pallot eighteenth.

The fight for fourth place was a beautiful fight between Thomas Ten Brinke (MP Motorsport), who finished fourth, and Quique Bordas (Formula of Champions), fifth. And another fight that also had us glued to the screen was that of Enzo Joulié (MP Motorsport) and Oliver Goethe (MP Motorsport) for 9th place. Finally it was Joulié who won the battle.

Race 2

It was also declared a wet race, it stopped raining right at the start of the race and this left a completely wet track that impaired the visibility of the drivers by raising the water that was left on the asphalt as the cars passed.

On the formation lap Léna Büler (Drivex) was out of the race leaving her second place on the grid empty. Kas Haverkort (MP Motorsport) did the same at the start of the race keeping the first position until the end while Mari Boya (MP Motorsport) was fighting with the other drivers to come back, but a touch took him out of the track and led him to the fourteenth position and then to finish the race in the eleventh position.

Josh Dufek (MP Motorsport) and Thomas Ten Brinke (MP Motorsport) quietly held on to second and third place respectively, thus accompanying Kas on the podium.

In this race the accidents returned, a collision between Paul Adrien Pallot (Drivex) and Enzo Joulié (MP Motorsport) with collateral damage for Mehrbod Shameli (XCEL Motorsport) and Carles Martines who were out of the race. Pallot was able to continue without consequences and Joulié had to pass through the pits to continue.

All this made the safety car go out only three minutes after the race started and it remained for six minutes until everything was collected on the track.
When the race resumed we saw another beautiful battle by Quique Bordas (Formula of Champions) for fourth place but in this case with rookie Oliveira (Drivex).

The race ended with a red flag after the accident between Paul Adrien Pallot (Drivex) and Oliver Goethe (MP Motorsport). Luckily all the drivers were unharmed.

Race 3

With this last victory today, Kas Haverkort (MP Motorsport) makes a hat-trick and gets maximum points for the championship. On the podium he was accompanied by Thomas Ten Brinke (MP Motorsport), 2nd, and Oliver Goethe (MP Motorsport), 3rd.

We also had a safety car in this race and by a double start, first by a collision between Suleiman Zanfari and Alejandro Garcia until the stewards helped Alejandro to return to the race, although he finally had to return to the pits with a twisted wing.
Shortly afterwards Lorenzo Fluxá went off and was out of the race at the same time as Léna Bühler (Drivex). The safety car had to come out again. While this was going on, another one who was also out of the race was Quique Bordas who, after doing very well in the two previous races, could not close the weekend with a good result.

With all this, Mari Boya had to settle for fourth position, a result which already puts him far from his options for the title.

This does not end here, next week we will say goodbye to the championship at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on 13, 14 and 15 November.

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